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Alumna Initiate

Hi everyone! My name is Heidi. This past Friday I was initiated as an alumna into Theta Phi Alpha. Needless to say, it was one of the most memorable occassions of my life.

So how did I find out about Theta Phi Alpha? I came across Alumnae Initiation early last year on the internet. This would give me the chance to join an NPC sorority, which I had wanted to do since my undergrad years but which I had not had the opportunity to do for various reasons. I researched all the NPC sororities- and something about Theta Phi just stood out to me as if a bell were ringing and resonating. Not to mention that your philanthropy and ideals are fantastic. I asked for information and was connected with the local AA chapter. I really clicked with the girls and went to more meetings. I was accepted, took the test, and was initiated! There was another AI at initiation- the wife of the advisor. The collegian girls were FANTASTIC- and I hope to get to see them more often, as well as see more ritual.

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